170th Annual Gathering

of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

of Northern California-Nevada

Friday, Saturday, April 19-20, 2024

First Christian Church Concord
3039 Willow Pass Rd.
Concord, CA 94519-2551

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Health and Welfare

Pre-Gathering Events

  • Clergy Gathering

    Clergy Gathering

    This is the Clergy Gathering from 1-4 PM on Thursday, April 18th. Lunch included.

    $15.00 ea.

  • Pre-Gathering


    This is the Pre-Gathering with a lunchtime conversation about "The Phygital Church: Using Social Ministry to Make Disciples." The conversation will be led by the book's author, Angelique Jordan Byrd. Angelique is currently the Director of Communications for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. Friday, April 19th, from 12:00-4:00 pm. Includes lunch.

    $15.00 ea.

Annual Gathering Registration Options

Early Bird option for full registration in effect till 4/11/24

  • Full program: 4/28 5:00 PM dinner, 7:00 worship service, 4/20 business meeting, lunch, workshops, and closing worship. Regular registration is $190, Register by April 11, 2024 to get the early Bird price of $140.

  • Annual Gathering begins at 4:00 pm with check-in, dinner, and opening worship service. For those who are unable to attend on Saturday.

  • Saturday lunch, workshops, business session, and closing worship.

  • Participation in the Business Session
    Worship services with Rev. Dr. Kelly Cowell
    Workshop session A: Creating Additional Streams of Income for Ministry: An Introduction to Planned Giving
    Workshop Session B: What's New

  • Full program and all meals for Youth in grades 6th through 12th.

  • Full Program and all meals for Child in grades 1st through 5th.

  • Friday Saturday Day Care

Workshop Planner

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Annual Gathering Workshops are eligible for Continuing Education Units and applied to the CEU requirements for clergy standing.

Seats are limited for most workshops. You will be able to attend a different workshop at the Annual Gathering, if that workshop has an open seat.

  • In a world witnessing the rise of religious nationalism and the marginalization of progressive Christian values, it's time to challenge the conventional notions that have confined the essence of Εκκλησία (Church) to mere spaces and buildings.

    Let us delve into the pressing question of how to make Church relevant in our rapidly changing world. Inspired by the words of Jesus, we confront the pitfalls of attempting to pour new wine into old wineskins, pushing ourselves to reimagine the very casing of Church.

    Against the backdrop of the US surgeon general's declaration of loneliness and isolation as an epidemic, we recognize the urgent need for a reimagined community that offers genuine hope and support. Can the Church become a beacon of inclusivity, compassion, and justice, transcending the confines of tradition?

    The workshop aims to decolonize the word "Church" and breathe new life into its meaning for contemporary contexts. Discover innovative ways to reinvent the Church, not just through changes in buildings but by transforming the very essence of our community.

    How do we build a Church that embraces newness with love and amplifies a voice resonating with an inclusive message of compassion, justice, and belonging for all people? This is the central question we seek to address.

    Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a movement that redefines Church, fostering a space where the new and the old harmoniously coexist. Together, let's create a community that stands as a testament to love, hope, and belonging a Church that goes beyond tradition and embraces the ever-evolving needs of our world.

  • The labyrinth is a sacred tool, archetype, symbol found in many cultures around the world. It is not a maze; there is one path in and one path out. The labyrinth”s path can mirror where we are in our lives, inviting us to go inward and then return outward. The rhythm of walking the labyrinth—placing one foot in front of the other—can quiet the mind, relax the body, and refresh the spirit—revealing new insights and the possibilities of transformation.

    As Disciples seeking to live authentically, to root ourselves spiritually, and to foster a deep commitment to justice, the labyrinth can be an invaluable spiritual practice. It has the potential to reveal and point us toward our most faithful, courageous, and genuine selves.

    This workshop will provide an overview of the labyrinth, an opportunity to walk it, and time to process the experience.

  • If a loved one in your life has passed away, the period following this loss is called, "Bereavement." The word bereavement translates from the Latin as "to literally be pulled apart or torn asunder." Historically, churches were excellent support centers for individuals and families after the death of a loved one. However, American culture has drifted away from understanding the importance of holding space with the bereaved. We fear so much that we will say or do the wrong thing, that we don't do anything. For the annual gathering, Rev. Chaplain Mary Kearns will offer a workshop on the benefits of having a bereavement ministry in your church. She will offer education, reading lists and insight on how churches can reclaim this much needed ministry.

  • Could your church use an extra stream of income to support your congregation’s mission in the community and the world? Why is it that so often end-of-life gifts from your church members go to other charities instead of the church? Come to this workshop to learn how to change the culture of your church from being surprised when a member dies and leaves a gift to the church TO BEING SURPRISED WHEN THEY DON’T! You will learn how to encourage such gifts in effective, non-threatening, meaningful and uplifting ways.

  • "Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art" - Eleanor Roosevelt. At the risk of stating what too many likely seems obvious, getting older is not easy. Aging is hard, regardless of what your age is. One day you're young, and the next you have a favorite PHARMACY. Many of us live in a society where aging leaves us feeling more and more left behind, left out or even invisible. In the United States our aging community are often regarded with some measure of disdain. So, how do we embrace aging, as it is - after all - inevitable. Men and women are often bombarded with images and advertising urging us to use "anti-aging" this, that, or the other thing. We are encouraged to fight wrinkles, cover up graying hair. We're told once we reach a certain age we'll lose our vitality and be more prone to illness and injury. We can't keep up with technology and we may feel as though the World is moving so fast, we can not keep up the pace. While some of this may be true, some of it is not. But there are steps we can take to embrace our advancing years, regardless of whether we are turning 30. 40. 50, 60, 70, 80 or older. One thing we can do to embrace our age is to remember and be thankful for all our bodies continue too allow us to do. During this workshop I hope to provide a safe space for attendees to voice their thoughts and concerns around aging and explore ways in which we can collectively age gracefully. In HAPPY moments praise God. In DIFFICULT moments seek God. In QUIET moments worship God. In PAINFUL moments trust God. in EVERY moment Thank God.

  • This workshop will be a panel of several churches in our region who are involved in what some might consider unconventional ministry. As our traditional churches are having to re-think how ministry is done, many have prayerfully considered what the greatest ministry needs are in their communities and taken steps to meet them with the gifts and graces of the people in the congregation. In this workshop, each church will report on their respective ministries followed by a time for questions and discussion.

  • In the last decades, especially after the pandemic, congregations have pondered “how to do church” to be relevant to their communities. While the technology allows attending church from any place, what to do with the buildings poses a dilemma. Do we need a building to do ministry? Can we repurpose the building to serve the whole community? Many congregations ask, what other churches are doing? In this workshop, we will hear factors to consider when transforming our ministry and buildings and inspiring examples of congregations that underwent the transformation process.

  • This workshop serves as an introduction to what it means to be Open and Affirming congregation and will also address ways in which existing Open and Affirming congregations can stay connected with the LGBTQ+ community and continue to provide safe space.

  • See description in Session 1.

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