169th Annual Gathering

of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

of Northern California-Nevada

Friday, Saturday, April 28-29, 2023

First Christian Church Concord
3039 Willow Pass Rd.
Concord, CA 94519-2551

NOTICE: Food orders have already been placed, badges and program guides have been printed. There is no guarantee that any will be available for registrations made after 4/25/2023. A PDF version of the program guide is available online at: https://ccncn.org/ministries/Regional/events/2023/169th_Annual_Gathering/169th_CCNC-N_Annual_Gathering_Program_Guide-20230426.pdf

This is for those who are voting in the Business session. Alternates vote in the absence of the delegate.

Registration Categories

  • Candidates under care of the CCNC-N Training & Care

  • Ministry partners and agencies who want to set up a table in the Exhibitors Room. Select this option to show partner registration section.

  • Facilitators of workshops

Health and Welfare

Pre-Gathering Events

  • Clergy Gathering

    Clergy Gathering

    This is the Clergy Gathering from 12-3 PM on Thursday, April 27th. Lunch & Dinner included.

    $20.00 ea.

  • Pre-Gathering


    This is the Pre-Gathering with a lunchtime conversation about "The Church Narrative Project". Friday, April 28th, from 12:00-4:00 pm. Includes lunch.

    $15.00 ea.

Annual Gathering Registration Options

  • Full program: 4/28 5:00 PM dinner, 7:00 worship service, 4/29 business meeting, lunch, workshops, and closing worship. Regular registration is $190, Register by April 10, 2023 to get the early Bird price of $140.

  • Annual Gathering begins at 4:00 pm with check-in, dinner, and opening worship service. For those who are unable to attend on Saturday.

  • Saturday lunch, workshops, business session, and closing worship.

  • Participation in the Business Session
    Worship services with Rev. Dr. Richard Lowery and Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins
    Workshop session A: Hybrid How-to
    Workshop Session B: Workshop: Language for Connection - and Introduction to Basic Principles of Non-Violent Communication

  • Full program and all meals for Youth in grades 6th through 12th.

  • Full Program and all meals for Child in grades 1st through 5th.

  • Friday Saturday Day Care

Workshop Planner

Please select the workshop you plan to  attend. This will help us to determine which room the workshop will be held.

Annual Gathering Workshops are eligible for Continuing Education Units and applied to the CEU requirements for clergy standing.

Seats are limited for most workshops. You will be able to attend a different workshop at the Annual Gathering, if that workshop has an open seat.

  • Praised be you, my Lord, with all your creatures... These words from St. Francis spark a beacon of hope and are a reminder of the sacrednress of of all creation. Scripture tells us God so loved the world and that world includes both human and nonhuman. As studies of the sacred life of animals gain respectability and validity, Francis' insights prove to be worthy ground from which to immerse oursleves in the sacred practices of God's creatures. Several animals including chimps, dolphins, elephants, and dogs have revealed a moral intelligence, that is the presence of feelings and basic morality. it is clear that animals can be seen as a part of the family and, in the sacred sense, part of the family of God. For the traumatized, the sloppy lick of a dog or the rumbling purr of a cat can bring people back from the brink of despair. We will explore ways to connect more fully with God's love and presence as revealed in nonhuman yet sensient beings. This will include a discussion on the presence and inclusion of companion animals in worship and what role pets may take in the growth of the church. It is possible that being a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world means the church more readily addresses and advocates for the healing power God makes available through animal relationships. (From 2022 Sabbatical Proposal which received national Lilly Clergy Renewal Grant)

  • The labyrinth is a sacred tool, archetype, symbol found in many cultures around the world. It is not a maze; there is one path in and one path out. The labyrinth”s path can mirror where we are in our lives, inviting us to go inward and then return outward. The rhythm of walking the labyrinth—placing one foot in front of the other—can quiet the mind, relax the body, and refresh the spirit—revealing new insights and the possibilities of transformation.

    As Disciples seeking to live authentically, to root ourselves spiritually, and to foster a deep commitment to justice, the labyrinth can be an invaluable spiritual practice. It has the potential to reveal and point us toward our most faithful, courageous, and genuine selves.

    This workshop will provide an overview of the labyrinth, an opportunity to walk it, and time to process the experience.

  • Looking to take your hybrid service to the next level? This workshop will investigate various ways of improving any hybrid service to boost the relationship among your online and in-person attendees that will enhance their worship experience. We will look at the essential components that are used in a hybrid service. Time permitting, your questions about how to effectively upgrade your existing audio/video equipment will be addressed. You will be provided with resources to further explore your options to boost your existing system.

  • Come and be inspired by listening to how our congregations are creative and generous in using their resources and spaces to continue sharing God's love with their communities.

  • The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the first American born Protestant denomination. We started out as a Christian unity movement but grew into a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. This workshop serves as a brief overview of our history highlighting significant achievements and ongoing challenges.

  • Prayer is at the heart of our covenant relationship with God. It”s our communication with God and our access to communion with Christ. Jesus”s disciples asked him, “Teach us to pray.” We can approach the Lord”s Prayer not simply as ”a prayer” but as a way to pray…a powerful framework for a deeper communion with the God whose covenant with us is shaped by grace, mercy and transformative power. Come ready to pray!

  • The Oakland Peace Center (OPC) is excited about a new model of community organizing and community building that is rooted in the body. There is a long tradition of using the body in Christianity in a justice-centered way, and as the OPC enters into our next chapter, we invite you to join us as we look towards our sacred bodies as a resource.

    This is an experiential workshop where we will explore the ways that we can more fully inhabit our body, celebrating the diversity of ALL bodies, and especially centering racial equity, as a pathway to liberation for us all. We don”t HAVE bodies but we ARE bodies and a community is a tapestry of bodies coming together. We will affirm the divine union of body and spirit through movement, storytelling and stillness, bearing witness to our collective grief and our collective joy. We will use body-based forms that incrementally and powerfully give voice and movement to our deepest desires for justice-based transformation.

  • We understand being just as being fair and emphasizing equality. But what does it mean to “do justice?” When do we show up, how do we speak up, where do we stand up, to use our voices and our bodies to advocate, demand, and insist on fairness and equality for all people?

    ??? (hesed), translated as kindness, is much more than that. It is kindness, loyalty, faithfulness. It is love expressed through activities with others. It is more than inclusion, it is being in covenant with others, in relationship with others. It is kind to give to charitable organizations that help others, it is hesed to be in covenant, in relationship, be present with others. What does that look like for us?

    We are, humbly, proud Disciples. We do great work in the world with mission, giving, sharing, educating and supporting. At the same time, we recognize that we are a remnant of the whole body of Christ. Walking is an activity. Walking with God implies doing activities with God, and by extension, with other people of God. What does it mean, in the contemporary world, to walk humbly with God and respectfully collaborate with other godly people in this world?

  • We will give a brief history of the development of the Blue Theology Mission Station which is recognized by Disciples Home Missions. Blue Theology inspires students to love the ocean. We do this by providing opportunities for learning and serving activities over the course of 5 days. This workshop will describe a typical week of programming. Participants will have the opportunity to do a Blue Theology activity, materials will be provided. We conclude the workshop with an abbreviated Blue Theology Worship Service.

  • 60 minute workshop introducing the tenets of Marshall Rosenburg Non-Violent Communication. This workshop will introduce participants to the basic tenets of non-violent communication to facilitate understanding of how these tools can be used for leadership, conflict resolution, and healthy relationships. This is an interactive training experience in 4 segments that will be adapted for the group. participants will be able to identify basic strategies for building and maintaining trusting relationships and conditions that prevent or jeopardize trust. Learning Goal To begin to develop an understanding of the need and ways to transform habits that block authentic connection.

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